Halfway to Berdoo Book 3rd Edition

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The legendary Halfway to Berdoo is back.  The book totals 144 pages, and includes seventy 5x7 portraits of SoCal bikers taken by Mother Ruthe, between 1961-1965, at her Baldwin Park, CA home - a halfway stop on rides that went between Venice Beach & San Bernardino. 
Imagine finding seventy five 5" x 7" photos of outlaw motorcycle club members, taken in the early 1960s, each labeled with their monikers, and which clubs/chapters they belonged to. Then imagine tracking down every living person in those photographs, with no real names, just their monikers . 
It's difficult to self-publish any book, but try self publishing one that explores the history of several major outlaw motorcycle clubs.  I wore every hat imaginable: I wrote it, edited it, designed it, published it, marketed it, shipped the books, and stood up to the most powerful Outlaw MC in the world, on my own .  
The storms I weathered in order to release this book, back in 2016, could be a book itself; from extortion, to death threats, a shady publisher, greed, and lawsuits. My determination and persistence allowed me to document, and share with you guys, the real stories of early Outlaw Motorcycle Club members in SoCal. It is the definitive behind the scenes look into the day to day lives of the Hells Angels, Straight Satans, Satans Slaves, Galloping Goose, and Coffin Cheaters motorcycle club members of the early 1960s. No fluff, no gimmicks, no crime, no undercover law enforcement, no bias.  
I owe many thanks to the people who helped me document this important piece of American history. And to the others - when the going got tough every SOB left.   
Stories by Dougie Poo, Beautiful Buzzard, Bill the Fish (Galloping Goose), Cannibal Willie aka Smitty (Galloping Goose), Harold (SoCal & Berdoo Angel/sMother Ruthe's ex husband), Raymond (Straight Satans & SoCal Angels), Howard (Venice Angels), Red Head Bev (Mother Ruthe's former best friend), and many more people who were around back then.
  • Limited to 2,000 copies
  • 144 pages
  • Hardcover with foiled & raised lettering
  • Dust Jacket
  • 11.25"  x 8.75"
  • Original artwork by former Hells Angel and Merry Prankster, "Gut".
  • Foreword by former Berdoo Hells Angel, Dougie Poo.