Halfway to Berdoo: 2nd Edition

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The legendary Halfway to Berdoo is back for the second edition.  The book totals 144 pages, and includes seventy 5x7 portraits of SoCal bikers taken by Mother Ruthe, between 1961-1965, at her Baldwin Park, CA home - a halfway stop on rides that went between Venice Beach & San Bernardino. This full color book is soft cover & perfect bound.
Halfway to Berdoo was designed by former Hells Angel and Merry Prankster, "Gut," and the foreword was written by former Hells Angel, Dougie Poo.  Each photo is accompanied by a story, or stories, about the subject told by either Dougie Poo, Beautiful Buzzard, Bill the Fish (former Goose), Cannibal Willie aka Smitty (former Goose), Harold (former Berdoo Angel/Mother Ruthe's ex husband), Raymond (former Straight Satan & SoCal Angel), Howard (former Venice Angel), Raunchy Pat (Mother Ruthe's ex boyfriend), Red Head Bev (Mother Ruthe's former best friend), and many more people who were around back then.