Road Regents (2nd Edition)

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In the late 1950s Earl "EZ" Finn founded the Road Regents MC in West Los Angeles.  His goal was to build the most beautiful machines, and he did just that with the help of his high school friends Hal Goldstein and John Orvis.  As Earl says "they were setting the style" and pushing the envelope to build the most radical choppers on the road.  Many say the Road Regents started the high bar style, and they had the highest of the high.  They were never a 1% club, but were accepted by all of the SoCal clubs, and were even featured in Titus Moody's 1966 cult classic "Outlaw Motorcycles."

Earl was known for his roles in many Biker B-Movies, such as Easy Rider (he was the inspiration for Peter Fonda's character, Run, Angel, Run!, The Rebel Rousers, and more.  In the late 60's Earl joined forces with his club brother Johnny Orvis to create the band Smoke, but nfortunately they never produced a hit record.

This book is 98 pages of Road Regents photos & short stories, told by Earl & Hal. Unfortunately Johnny Orvis passed away, but his family contributed many of his photos to help us create this book.  The book has a perfect bound soft cover.


Soft Cover

75 Pages

8.5" x 11"